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We're giving the code a new face, and we want to enhance what should be perfect for others.

Diallix Software provides solutions for software and hardware requirements. We provide support for software and module development, particularly in the area of Software Applications for the Win NT platform, Web applications, Automated testing of Web applications, IT-Security, and Hardware (microprocessor projects).

We understand that high-quality applications and code stem from years of experience and knowledge of a broad spectrum of programming languages and familiarity with a wide portfolio of technologies and current frameworks.
Our vision is to keep up with the trends, create quality applications, get new knowledge with each project, refine development processes, and apply them further.

The Diallix Software project was founded in 2010. Its initial focus was on the development of security tools, testing of malware, sample malware testing, and designing defense solutions against them. Currently, thanks to experience, a willingness to learn and improve, Diallix Software is focused on the following industries:

CyberSecurity & Etický Hacking - testing and breaching security elements of NT platform operating systems using Win.API/NT.API, development of test malware using these elements and their application in the development of Tracker Software to identify illegal and criminal activity. A special direction is the detection of fraudulent messages, e-mails, websites, cases of stalking and criminal activity in cyber space. We provide our clients and well-known personalities with fast and loyal proceedings and a personal approach.
Technologies and solutions used: C/C++.

Software Development for NT Platform - Development of desktop applications, Windows services, applications utilizing WinAPI/NTAPI, applications communicating with web interfaces through APIs (back-end).
Technologies and solutions used: C/C++, C++/CLI, C# - (MySQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL).

Web Application Development -Development of web applications (ASP.NET), development of web applications (REST API) back-end.
Technologies and solutions used: ASP.NET, .NET, C#, PHP, MySQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL, AZURE,.

Automated Testing - Testing of web applications (front-end).
Technologies and solutions used: C# core, Selenium, SpecFlow (Gherkin syntax). C# core, Selenium, SpecFlow (Gherkin syntax).

HW & MCU´S - We have experience in developing projects focused around microprocessor units. Development primarily focuses on projects with PIC MCU series (PIC 24FJ64GB002A, PIC 24FJ64GB002, and PIC 24FJ64GB00A).
Technologies and solutions used: pure C, (C30 compiler / MPLAB IDE). Cannot evaluate expression because the code of the current method is optimized


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