Name: Bc. Patrik Slučiak  
    Nickname: Diallix, Di@llix
    Birthdate: 2.2 1991
    Status :

Student of faculty FEI VŠB-TUO (1. year Mgr.)

    Work specialization:  Programmer, IT-specialist of security
threats, IT-developer, Malware Research
    Author: Diallix Software
    Employment: <Software Developer>










Patrik´s MottoI am a very versatile person and I think that one should not be content with what he / she knows or has because one can always go up a level:]]‚


Patrick programs in low-level and high-level languages.

Low-level languages for (MCU) he usespure C/C (compliler C30 / IDE MPLAB).

High-level  languages for develop software he uses: C++C#.

Others languages and IDE what uses : SQLT-SQLPLSQLBASH, PHP, HTML, MPLAB, Visual Studio 2010-2019, CodeBlocks, Eclipse, MS-SQL Studio, SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer, SqlDeveloper, Datamodeler.

Document software: DoxyGen.


Patrik actively controls logging:  Combofix, HijackThis, RSIT, MBAM, Gmer, RootkitUnhooker, UPM, FRST, OTMoveIt.

On IT-Security forum he is member and a founder CyberSecurity Unitwhere he continues to act as security authority forum, certificate:  Certificate ◄ 

He is author of the book BOTNETS.


You can currently meet him on these forums:

   [Security Team]


At the VŠB-Tuo Faculty I was active as:

     *Tutor in tutoring: database systems, object languages, LAIT (derivatives)

    * Administrator: Student Forum VSB

    * Member of FEI Security Research & Research


Free time

So that everything does not only revolve around units and zeros, We can approach some of the few of his free time.

He loves sleeping, traveling, nature.
He do not have much time to read books, but there is a place for specialized literature, psychological literature.
The music I prefer is Trance - Infite, E. Hewitt, S.O´Shine, Owsey R., Dash Berlin,  Christina Novelli, Gareth Emery, Armin van Buuren
Ine Kafe, Sum 41, M. Garrix

Favorite sports: Tandem, Bungee-Jump, Down-Hill.