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 Suported OS    XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / Windows 10
 System Platform    32 Bit
 Size    1.99 MB
 Last Version    2.5
 Written by    Diallix Software




WindowsFirewallFix.exe is a tool that completely fixes corrupted Win. Firewall affected by malware.
Here are some types of malware that specifically target Windows Firewall:

Zero Access

[1] Stiahnite si nástroj WindowsFirewallFix na systémový disk odtialto: 
[2] Start it as a system administrator: Right-click -> Click -> Run as administrator.
[3] Select Fix or BruteFix.
[4] The initial repair will begin, which may take a while.
[5] The computer restarts.
[6] After restart, the program will restart from the saved location and repair will be performed
[7] After the repair, a window with firewall settings will pop up, which you can consider
      set up.

[*Info] With a Fix type, system blocks are cleared, reconfiguration starts, the computer restarts, and the repair is complete. With the BruteFix repair type, the system blocks are cleared, the computer restarts, the reconfiguration starts, the computer restarts, and the repair is complete.

Actual Version: 2.5

Version 2.5 - Code Revision.
Version 2.4 - Added BruteForce fix option.
Version 2.3 - Code Revision.
Version 2.2 - Added service fix for 7,8,10.
Version 2.1 - Added fix for XP, Vista.
Version 2.0 - Added MDAC fix.
Version 1.9 - Added IE fix.
Version 1.8 - Added service configuration.
Version 1.7 - Added removal of registry policies 2.
Version 1.6 - Adding progress bar to reboot.
Version 1.5 - Total code revision.
Version 1.4 - Added removal of registry policies 1.
Version 1.3 - Editing and Adding Startup Services.
Version 1.2 - Setting the second fix level.
Version 1.1 - Setting the first patch level.
Version 1.0 - Writing a basic Windows Firewall repair program.