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 Suported OS    8 / Windows 10
 System Platform    32 Bit
 Size    236 kB
 Last Version    3.5
 Written by    Diallix Software




In this project I will introduce you ProcTerm (Processes Terminate), tool to end processes.

When writing modules, programs, or malware removal utilities, I needed a separate module that could effectively shut down running processes.
With the existing tools available on the net, or as part of the system, I lacked the so-called Strong Terminate.
Some tools allow you to disable only processes running under Desktop. Processes that run under system privileges are not turned off or their tools do not appear.

Other tools allow you to turn off any process, but if multiple processes with the same name are running, the tools will turn off only one priority (size) ID.

For this reason, I have decided to write a utility that terminates processes either by process ID or Process Name.
It goes without saying that each process has a universal ID, so that only one process can be terminated per ID.

However, according to the process name, ProcTerm terminates all processes that have the same name.
Process name fields the utility can detect all process IDs that run with that name.

Function use WinAPI and processes are terminated through Kernel.
Shutting down processes is almost instantaneous and efficient.

The tool includes implemented Show List, all running processes, and the ability to view the path from which the process runs.

Starts VIA (cmd)

Tool ProcTerm.exe just be run from the command line MSDOS under an administrator account or under admin privileges.

The tool is controlled via parameterized switches.
For a list of examples and help for the utility, use the switch /? or /help : 

         ProcTerm.exe /?
         ProcTerm.exe /help

Switch settings:


ProcTerm.exe svhchost.exe /name /terminate

ProcTerm.exe cmsdrd.exe /name /terminate

ProcTerm.exe 6068 /pid /terminate

ProcTerm.exe 5324 /pid /terminate

ProcTerm.exe notepad.exe /info


If the process is running and the tool cannot detect the ID process or otherwise terminate it, it is required  spustiť ProcTerm s administrátoskými právami/Ako správca.

Classic launch (classical)

ProcTerm since version 3.5 can be run in a classic way than via cmd. After running, ProcTerm.log is created in the same folder as ProcTerm.exe, which contains a complete listing of running processes with Pid and path with file location.
ProcTerm.exe is necessarily run as Administrator.


Actual version: 3.5

Version 3.5 - Added listing of paths to running processes.
Version 3.4 - Added listing of running process names to file.
Version 3.3 - Added display of the names of all, running processes.
Version 3.2 - Code revision.
Version 3.1 - Added ability to display running process information, added
                     "/ information" switch.
Version 3.0 - Revising and modifying the code to a more stable version.
Version 2.5 - Adding options to end all processes by
                     name - improved algorithm.
Version 2.1 - Bug fixes "~ Acces".
Version 2.0 - Code revision, adding exit option through process name,
                     adding the "/ name" switch.
Version 1.5 - Add process end option by pid, add switch
                     "/ pid" and "/ terminate".
Version 1.0 - Creating a basic module for module access.