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The publication describes the practices of attackers that they use to create BotNets, as well as the methods of designing and implementing malware that BotNety attackers compose. The book also explains the construction of BotNets, methods of their communication between the attacker, the infected computer and each other, ways of hiding the attacker during the attack, proxy server options, selection of mediation members, malware spread to the system infection, system end-user plan for which BotNet is primarily intended, methods and types of installation of infected programs, ways of hiding malware in the system, use of system calls Win Api, circumvention of system rights System Integrity Level, methods of storing malware in the system, booting from system locations, access to Hives registry , misuse of road names used by attackers, types of covering up traces of malware in the system, as well as ways of covering the activity of attackers that they use, possibilities of detection database and subsequent analysis of malware, examples of code modification of malware detected by antiviruses, modification of system environment, database branches registers, introduces no objects, libraries, services, including drivers for the infected system, blocking system parts - system hijacking, desktop hijacking, description of the detection image, its creation and possible misuse, practices such as detecting a running security program and options for malware on this event They react.
Clear graphs also present examples of algorithms that attackers most often use in their malware.
The aim of the book is to describe the basic operation of BotNet, describe the methods and possibilities of malware activity, describe the communication methodology, but also the advantages and disadvantages individual communication procedures, ways of "storing in the system", which are available to malware.


The book is currently published!.

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doc. Ing. Vladimír Soběslav, Ph.D
Ing. Petr Pospišil
Ing. Radek Simkanič, DiS.

Graphic processing of images in a book and graphic processing of an image that is used on the cover of a book:
Ing. Lenka Rakova



The book "Botnets" was published by the renowned publishing house Aleš Čeněk (the so-called Áček publishing houses of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Slovak Republic). Thank you for your cooperation and I count on this publishing house in the future as well!